Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bright Side

As of today, it's been 10 days since my last run. For me, this is an eternity. I'll find out on Wednesday how long I'll have to wait before returning to the roads. So, in the meantime, I've been trying to find the silver lining in the whole thing.

Call me an optimist.

So, the bright side of not being able to run:

1. Recovery. I can heal, the incision won't split, my heart rate won't spike, the stitches won't come out, blah blah blah yada yada...that's a given. Moving on the more interesting things.

2. Time. Wow, running and training takes a lot of time! You don't really realize how much until you stop. I've been catching up on reading, schoolwork, blogging (yes, even blogging), podcasts, and especially playing with my baby girl...but in most cases (except baby girl, of course), I'd rather be running.

3. Toenails! What a novel idea. At least two of my toes are being-introduced to the concept.

4. Laundry. Okay, so I'm adding this one on Pooh's behalf, since I was banned from the laundry room about nine years ago. Let's face it, folks -- running generates a lot of laundry. At least two -- and sometimes three -- sets of socks and underwear a day, plus one set of sweaty/stinky clothes and at least one other set of clothes each day, plus do the math. And while we're on the topic, has anyone found a detergent that actually gets the stink out? I've tried WIN and SportWash, and neither one made any difference. Don recommends Pro-Wash, but I'm a bit put off by the price...other suggestions?

5. Hmmm. Ummm...shoot...

Okay, so I started this blog on Saturday with the title, "10 Benefits of NOT Running." I figured I could easily come up with 10 benefits of taking a break from training. I'm stuck at four, I've changed the title, and I need your help. What am I forgetting? Help me find The Bright Side! Six more...


Sue said...

um, thanks about the stinky clothes, just realized i had on my same socks i did my hour walk on the tread mill with this am. kidding..Glad to see the bright side:)
btw it is beautiful in North Idaho, sunny and no snow.

jen said...

I've got a couple!

How about the other kind of recovery- your running muscles, tendons, and joints are all getting a nice break and will come back stronger.

Also, appreciation. Nothing like a forced layoff to reming you how much you love running!

Finally, maybe you can use this time to stretch or work on simple balance training? It's no-impact and very restful.. If you need some ideas just email me!

So glad to hear the recovery and baby girl time is going well. :)

amy said...

Well, you are saving $$.

Less laundry=less water used--lower monthly bill.

Lower milage on the shoes=longer time you'll have to go before buying new ones-- 'cause those shoes sure can put a dent in the ol' budget!

And truly, more baby girl and mommy girl time-- that's a great thing. (esp before heading into your new CC job) Enjoy.

Chaps said...

It's David and Merry from Chilis. Thank you for taking off your bandana tonight and sharing your story with us. It was such an encouragement to me. To see that you have gone through this 5 times and having such strength, what an awesome testimony.God too has done great things in my life as well. I don't believe we met by accident. I am praying for you and your family. Thanks again for your encouragement. I would love to keep in touch. You can reach me at or check out my story at Praying for you. Lord Bless.

Nuclear Wife said...

Oxy Clean plus clorox 2 works on Adam's work clothes.
When I was in high school and had to wash the basketball players stuff we used the arm and hammer detergent and it usually did a good job.

Glad that you're taking it easy and healing
<3 Shanon

RA said...

Hola, te escribo desde Madrid (España) y he encontrado tu blog por casualidad haciendo una búsqueda en Google de cancer y runnig. También soy corredor y mi madre murió este verano; me gusta ver que el cancer no siempre puede con la gente, que se le gana. Es mi venganza personal contra esa enfermedad.
Te deseo muchos y rápidos Maratones.

Snowbrush said...

Hey, good luck--I'm betting on you.

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